Travel Luxury: The Top 5 Most Expensive Hotels In The World

Travel Luxury: The Top 5 Most Expensive Hotels In The World


For the privileged, hotels are not merely a place to stay—they are often a haven that bids extreme luxury. With the world’s grandest hotels, the more lavish the hotel, the more extravagant the price. Whether the hotel has precious materials in the décor or provide a private butler or garden for guests, very few people are lucky enough to experience the grandeur of the world’s priciest hotels.

We explored the 5 most expensive hotels in the world.

1. Hugh Hefner Sky Villa Palms Resort, Las Vegas

The famous tycoon and founder of the Playboy enterprise, Hugh Hefner, is responsible for one of the world’s most expensive hotels. Unsurprisingly, the hotel is based in the party-capital, Las Vegas and a night in this hotel is sure to be a thrill—at a cost of course. Suites at The Hugh Hefner Sky Villa Palms Resort goes for about $35 500 per night and guests can expect a racy experience. Ranging from the sexy artwork, the indoor pool, the lavish circular beds (all branded with the Playboy trademark bunny), this Santa Ana hotel is a party-animal’s dream. Additionally, the suites come with extra-large bathtubs, a bar, poker table and an indoor waterfall.


2. Penthouse Suite, Hotel Martinez, France

Hotel Martinez might be pricey at $37 500 a night, but it does offer guests a very luxurious experience. This French hotel boasts with its own Michelin-star restaurant, a terrific grand piano bar and a private beach that’s only available to hotel guests. The Penthouse Suite, with its private terrace, also showcases a brilliant view over the Bay of Cannes and guests can relax with a private hamman, sauna and spa. Furthermore, the hotel is decorated in an art-deco style and suites are equipped with a trendy dining room, sitting room and two on-suite bedrooms.

3. Ty Warner Penthouse Suite, Four Seasons Hotel, New York

With a 360-degree view over the Manhattan skyline, a private butler, fitness trainer, chauffeur and 9 rooms decorated in absolute luxury, the Ty Warner Penthouse Suite is one of the world’s most luxurious hotel suites available. Situated on the top level of the New York Four Seasons Hotel, this exclusive suite costs over $42 000 a night! However, the suite not only includes various services for guests, it also offers the extravagance of a private Zen garden for the privileged guests. Additionally, the interior is allegedly exquisite in design, with platinum, gold and silver woven into some of the décor.

4. The Presidential Suite, The Raj Palace Hotel, India

India’s most exquisite hotel suite was once the residence of the Maharaja. Today, the Presidential Suite in the Raj Palace Hotel is not only one of the largest hotel rooms in Asia, it is also one of the world’s finest and most expensive suites. The suite, at almost 1500 square meters, takes up four floors in the hotel and an over night stay will cost close to $45 000. Not only is the suite’s size impressive, the interior is decadently decorated with gold leaf, stucco and ivory murals. Likewise, Yosemite vacation rental allows guests can enjoy a private terrace with a large swimming pool that overlooks the city of Jaipur.


5. Royal Penthouse Suite, Hotel President Wilson, Switzerland

At almost $65 000 a night, the Hotel President Wilson is one of the world’s most lavish hotels. This Swiss hotel’s famous Royal Penthouse Suite boasts with panoramic views over Lake Geneva and the snow-capped peaks of Mont Blanc. Furthermore, the Royal Penthouse has its own private elevator and consists of 12 rooms, including a library, fitness center and a billiards room. Besides a beautiful view and extravagant decor, the room has extreme security features, including bulletproof windows and doors. Unsurprisingly, the suite is popular among high profile guests such as heads of states, who require tight security.

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