Summer Days: 5 Easy Ways To Keep Cool In The Summer

Summer Days: 5 Easy Ways To Keep Cool In The Summer

Summer. For some, it’s their favourite time in the year, where you can get out in the sun and everybody genuinely seems in a happier mood. For others, it’s a nightmare of a season where you can’t seem to keep cool and the day just drags on and on. If you’re in the second category, don’t despair – summer needn’t be that way!

Here are five tips to help you stay cool in the summer. Who knows, maybe it could be your favourite season after all!

Stay in the shade

We all know that being the shade is cooler than being out in the direct sun, but did you know how much cooler? Experts estimate that being in direct sunlight makes the air feel approximately 10-15 degrees Fahrenheit warmer than it actually is. Your chance of getting exposed to harmful UV rays is also much higher when you’re directly under the sun. Moral of the story? Stick in the shade, both for your comfort and your health. The same applies for your car too!

Stick indoors

Better yet, if you really want to keep cool, it’s best to stay indoors. Sure, it’d be nice to be out in the open on a hot summer’s day, but if you’ve got work to do, or perhaps a nice book to read, sitting indoors in the cool of your house isn’t a bad choice either. And if you want to save on your finances and benefit the planet – consider going to the local library or shopping centre instead of turning up your air con at Huntington Beach real estate. That way, everybody saves!

Soak it up in the pool or at the beach

Nothing feels as cool as jumping in the local pool or going for a dip at the beach. If you’re worried about high UV levels and braving the crowds at the beach and pay for Santa Ana lodging, consider some alternatives. For example, you could drive further to less popular beaches. (The ice cream there is probably cheaper and parking in the shade easier to find too!) Or else, you can go early in the morning or later in the afternoon, where there should be more of a breeze and less of a crowd.

Start dressing smart

Sure, the summer heat means singlets and shorts, but do you ever get the feeling sometimes that even with such minimal clothing, you are still sweating up a storm? The reason might have to do with the material of your clothing. In summer, it’s best to wear fabrics such as cotton, eyelet, tropical wool, and linen, since these types of fabric soak sweat and allow air to flow more, keeping you cool.

Say hello to your shower

This might be a strange suggestion, but taking a shower is actually an excellent way to keep cool in summer, and one that most people don’t think of since we tend to shower at the end of the day, especially in summer when we sweat so much. In actual fact, taking a quick shower around lunchtime or in the early afternoon, particularly wetting the top and bottom of your body (that is, your head and your feet) is an excellent way to cool down. Try it sometime and see for yourself!

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Isabelle McKenna is a university student and freelance writer who is interested in health and fitness. She loves getting out into the sun in summer and thinks that Rexona ring-ins is a great new initiative you should definitely check out!

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