Sacramento Airport

Sacramento Airport


10 miles northwest of downtown Sacramento, California is an Airport run by the Sacramento County, that is nothing less than an artistic marvel. While other airports might be known for how big or modern they are, or how many flights they manage and how many passengers they fare every day, the Sacramento International Airport is famous for its ingenious and plain amazing 1hour 15minutes art tour of the Terminal B.

  • What is the tour?

At around 8.5$ and an additional 10$ for parking if you have your own vehicle you get to tour the Terminal B of the SIA, which will bombard you with magnificent artworks. The tour is led by a volunteer from Sacramento Metropolitan Arts Commission (SMAC), and luckily for the residents of Sacramento, most of the artwork is located outside the security gates so you don’t have to buy an air ticket for a chance to see the art.

  • What artworks are there?

Some of the best art in the Airport includes the “Acorn Steam” by Donald Lipski which is just past security gates, it’s is a beautifully fabricated valley oak tree branch adjoined to form a three prong branch, it is has a diameter of a whopping 30 feet and happens to be decorated with more than 5,000 hand-cut and polished Swarovski crystals.

At the transfer level you get a glimpse of “A Fragment of the Universe” by Joan Moment. This 18-foot by 12-foot mosaic makes you feel you have been transported to outer space, only the gravity plays a spoilsport. The design’s contrasting colour palette gives it a pixelated feel that will make you nostalgic. Joan Moment’s “A fragment of the universe” gives a vivid feel with almost every shade conceivable by the human eyes like all sorts of blues, yellowish-greens, orange, magenta and white, and are all crafted from Orange county glass tessera.

Enter the ticket hall and the first thing you’ll notice is “The Baggage Handlers” by Christain Moeller, this artwork is proof that the world can never have enough artists. With breathtaking detail from up close and equally reeking of beauty form a distance it has 75-foot by 12-foot panels, 1.5 per each, faces of six airport workers which comprise of 4,000 strips of individually cut wood and no two pieces alike.

If you ask anyone who has been to Sacramento, about the display arts at SIA and a huge red rabbit is the first thing you’ll be hearing about. “Leap” by Lawrence Argent is a 56 foot by 19 foot rabbit painstakingly crafted from aluminium and amazingly suspended with almost impossible to see cables which give it a suspended feel.

For the people of Sacramento these artworks are much more, they are the soul of their city, with each art work depicting something new and different about the spirit of the city as well as its people, the SIA has set new standards for Airports as well as art exhibitions to match, and I reckon the Art of SIA will remain second to none, if not the best, for a very long time.

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This article is written by Mike Jameson. Mike operates airport car service in Sacramento.

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