A Better Travelling Experience

A Better Travelling Experience


A Better Travelling ExperienceDo you love travelling? I mean having a passion for tours to a point where you can wake up every morning and if you have nothing to do, all that comes to your mind is ‘where do I visit today?’ then get to your phone and call a tour agent to book a tour package and find a good Yosemite vacation rental for you.

An awesome life, isn’t it? If you have this kind of privilege then know you are blessed because most people have that kind of experience only in their dreams and then wake up in the morning feeling tired for having a mountain excursion in an imaginary hot sunny afternoon and a bad attitude when they find out that the experience wasn’t real.

They will definitely spoil the day for the people close to them. I must admit I hate such characters and if I ever get a chance to give them a piece of advice then I will definitely tell them to get a better life to live then take an initiative to get each one of them sleeping pills so that they wake up after having a better  dream.

Let’s talk about the travel experience itself. Do you enjoy sitting for long hours in your car or you always find yourself cursing your bottom and your back for giving you trouble? I will be honest with you; please spare your bottom and your back all those insults you always throw at them and insult your lame mind for putting the blame on them. Don’t blame it on your sitting position too, the problem is you. How on earth do you expect to get out of a car seat which has a hard, poorly cushioned surface feeling good? Unless you decide in staying in a comfortable Santa Ana hotel to rest. Feeling good after a long day trip will only be achieved if you have a best hotel to stay at the end of the day.

That is very ironical. Let’s do a small analysis; if you take a trip for three days involving driving at the destination, how will you be feeling at the end of the trip? You will definitely go straight to the doctor for a spinal checkup and also get some medicinal ointments for your bottom sores. I am just wondering, if you have a passion for travel and you have been doing it for more than five years then how many scars do you have on your bottom? I bet it needs some plastic surgery to give it a better new look.

I am assuming that after the long and tiring trip, you are not an employee at a certain office in town found in seventh floor of a certain building and every morning you have to use the stairs all the way because the building is too old, it was built in 1908 so it doesn’t have an elevator and you are going to sit in a computer the whole day. How much depression can you still afford to tolerate if this isn’t the worst of it all?  Trying to put myself in such a position brings the word ‘torture’ into the limelight.

Have you heard of a gel cushion? This is a foam and gel combination cushion that puts a subtle layer which provides support between you and your seat. You will evade the stress of always having a back ache and a sore bottom too. The advantage is that it works on any seat ranging from your living room sofa to your dinning chair too; it is also light in weight, portable and washable. Aren’t those enough benefits for you to make a decision of getting one for yourself? You will definitely have no reason to worry about your days at work and of course have best travel experiences.


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