10 Reasons To Visit Scotland In 2014

10 Reasons To Visit Scotland In 2014


scottlandScotland is really a beauty and undoubtedly you can visit this place at any time that you prefer. The dramatic and untamed natural beauty of the place, the alluring cuisine, the turbulent history etc are the things that can make you enjoy the place in the better possible manner. This year is the best time to visit the place due to the occurrence of some world renowned events at this place


1. Homecoming Year-
This is a year for homecoming as declared by the government of this country. This year also the country is going to be the venue of the event that is similar to that of the one which took place in 2009. This year the government is planning to bring the Scottish Diaspora back to home with whole lots of celebration, food, drink, culture, arts and so on. The significance of this event is going to be the tapestry with 200 panels that depicts the experience of the migrant Scots for over certain centuries and it is created by taking about two years and with the help of volunteers from about 25 countries from all around the world.

2. Opening of John Muir Way-
This year is the 100th death anniversary of the Scottish conservationist John Muir and on connection with this; a way is going to be opened in his name. This is a 134 miles long path that connects the hometown of this legend Dunbar to Loch Lomond. It can tale about 8 – 12 days to walk along this way. From 17 to 26th of April there are going to be many different events that are going to be held on this trail in connection with John Muir festival.

3. Commonwealth Games-
A Commonwealth games is a much celebrated event that takes place in every four years as Olympics. It can be regarded as a mini Olympics and this year Glasgow has got the honor for hosting the event. This event is going to be held between June 23rd and August 3rd.

4. MTV Music Awards-
Glasgow has also got the opportunity for hosting one of the prestigious musical events in the world, the annual music awards of MTV. This is going to be an amazing thing and is supposed to geld on SSE hydro – Arena. The further details about the show are yet to be revealed. This year is going to be magnificent for Glasgow with the magical musical experience.

5. Ryder Cup-
This is a sporting event on the game of golf and this year it is also is going to be held at Scotland. The event is supposed to be held during the late September at the Swanky Gleneagles Hotel. Even if you are not going to visit the place for the competition, you can come to the place for enjoying in a spa and also having the delicious cuisine or some bed and breakfast.

6. 700th Anniversary of Battle “Bannockburn”-
The 700th anniversary of this historic event is going to be celebrated in a glorious manner in the country. A new visitor centre is going to be opened on the battle ground and there is going to be an event named Bannockburn Live. This is an event of three days that have music, re enactments of the incident, literature and so on.

7. Forth Road Bridge’s 50th Anniversary-
A 10 day festival that starts from September 4 till 13 is going to be held in association with the 50th anniversary of this bridge. The attractions of the festival include the torch light procession, firework show and boating. This is going too lit up the whole place.

8. Biggest Show of Contemporary Arts-
The country is going to witness the biggest show for contemporary arts this year. The exhibition is names as Generation and it is a program that can be about 9 months long. The exhibition is going to showcase the amazing works of about 100 visual artists during the past 25 years. This is the event that starts from March and end by November.

9. Opening of the Hotel of Any Murray-
Andy Murray’s hotel is going to be inaugurated this year. In the month of April the hotel of this great sports man is going to be opened in Victorian mansion of 19th century.

10.Independence of Scotland-
This is an important year in the history of Scotland as the country is getting opportunity to decide whether they need to stay with England or as independent nation. Each and every citizen of the country has got right for casting votes in making this decision.

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